A marketing department surveys their customer base for a better understanding of customer needs, customer satisfaction and customer feedback on their products.

Problem: Text-based surveys are rapidly declining even when participants are paid. Surveys aren’t reaching the desired demographic.

Video-based surveys increase participation by more than 300 percent for the iPhone dominant millennial demographic. Surveys are easily completed in the browser without requiring an app install, no matter what device participants are using.


A sales department is trying to generate leads through a promotional video created by the marketing department.

Problem: Not enough conversions are coming through the Call To Action (CTA) at the end of the video.

Because of the nature of video, the CTA is at the end. For sales agencies or departments, this is not optimal for generating leads. By moving the CTA to the most optimal position – the middle of the video – sign-up rates increase by 41 percent. Click-Video technology makes this possible.

Enterprise Training

A Pharmaceutical company needs to train representatives to promote a new drug, newly approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). Over a week, the company sends out over 32 minutes of training to its Smartphone equipped sales force.

Problem: Not enough trainees are completing their course in a timely manner.

Click-Video reports trainee progress in real-time. Managers can be assured that the each learning point was delivered, reducing mistakes in the field. They are able to understand both areas of difficulty and ease for their trainees – completely in control of the training process. In less than 10 days, more than 99 percent of the sales force has successfully qualified after training and the product is launched.

Safety Training

An energy provider employs 3,000 field personnel, all of which need to be frequently updated on safety issues. The provider wants to distribute video training to their company-issued iPhones.

Problem: Interactive video cannot be distributed to company-issued iPhones.

With Click-Video technology, the safety department can push out training video to the iPhones and certify their personnel on-the-go. In time-sensitive situations, video chaptering makes it easy to jump to critical information.